Click, clack I'm back from Edinburgh!

So, Crocodile came out to snap, chase, dance and jig to all at the Edinburgh Festival! While CC came around the workshop, nibbling ears, pony tails and plaits, to hoots of laughter, a real good sport of a Croc donned a banana jacket, gorgeous designer hat and some exclusively noisy jewellery. So a big thank you to Julia Donaldson for being such fantastic fun.

Julia had all the children hiding under tables, behind chairs and any mum, dad, grandma or granddad handily available to give cover from her roaring, sneaking, snarling and prowling hunt. Click clack, Crocodile’s Back and Croc really made the show go with a bang.

Being in Edinburgh there’s lots to see, so after all of our hard work, we headed off to see The Umbrella Birds. No, not real Umbrella birds, well, I suppose they were real, but they weren’t birds, they were a very funny troupe of talented comedians doing some funny scenes on stage set outside of a ladies changing room.

Kathryn finds a beautiful rainbow

Then wow, we were lucky enough to see the Tao Drummers and they knocked my socks off. Actually, I wasn’t wearing any socks, so my sandals came off instead and my feet tap, tap, tapped to the fantastic beat of the amazing drums, dance and acrobatics.

After the workshop fun, me, David and CC headed for the highlands and no, it didn’t rain, rain, rain, the sun shone for most of the time as we searched for the Loch Ness monster. Even CC was brave enough to dip his toes into the water.

Then after a brisk, sunny shower I could have sworn I saw a pot of gold hanging on the end of this beautiful rainbow I managed to click before it magically disappeared. Darn it, didn’t find the end of the rainbow in time to snatch up the gold, but the rainbow is pretty lovely and Edinburgh was fantastic too.

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