New library, new readers at Meersbrook Bank Primary School

Thank you Meersbrook Bank Primary for the beautifully illustrated and signed card. Opening your library and seeing all the amazing books ready to be discovered by pupils was a special day for me.

So, what is next?

I suspect over the coming years Meersbrook will be producing some fine writers of its own. I imagine a future visit from an ex-pupil who will sit in the same seat I held in the library on World Book Day 2019 and reading to the next generation of readers and writers, inventors and creators.  

Meersbrook Bank is a school full of enthusiasm and imagination. Thank you again for the invitation to share it all with you.

Reader story: The Scary Seas

I recently enjoyed a fantastic school visit to West Acton Primary, where we had a whole lot of fun together. One young reader, Mohamed, was inspired to try a little writing himself, and he has kindly sent me the results. I enjoyed Mohamed's story so much, with his and his parents' permission, I decided to share it with you here on my website. Enjoy...!

The Scary Seas

By Mohamed E, West Acton Primary

Once upon a time I went camping under the sea! I went camping in the water with my friend. I felt worried and nervous as I laid by tent on the wet, sandy floor. Then I ate my breakfast and felt much better. It was rice crispies and of course I had them with salty water instead of milk.

As I was eating, I saw a merman hiding from killer whales. I peered at them all from my tent. A school of fish swam across  the scene and sharks then added to the cacophony. My goggles fell off and all of a sudden I couldn’t see for a moment…but, then I saw a light. It had telekinesis and gave me my goggles back!

I could see the light now and in fact, once those goggles were in place I could see it was a not a light but an underwater sorcerer. He told me he wanted me to save the world. “I’m not strong enough to fight for the world I replied. The sorcerer answered “I can turn you in to a strong sea creature with an enchanted spell! Ummmsa-tikyaa-ra-na-fo-lioro-taji!”

As the spell worked its magic on me, I turned into an actual, ferocious (but very cool) sea dragon. I started roaring at the killer whales and sharks and got their attention. Evil sea goblins were watching the sharks and killer whales and put their fingers in their ears to stop the loud sound. I moved forward and trod on them like they were ants being squashed by giant dinosaurs that eat elephants! 

Suddenly, from the corner of my eye, I saw my friend Lucas transform into a sea snake. The sorcerer had put a spell on him too! I called him the Serpent of the Sea. He was a metal snake with a horn and was 7 feet long. He was made of a golden steel. His eyes were red and he spat out green fire.

Just then, I woke up - the sea camping was gone and I was on a boat. A pirate boat! I saw an angry pirate crew looking at the sky. Aliens were there and it was an alien and pirate battle. "Charge" they yelled. "Drill bit blitz" I yelled and they found us flamethrowers to attack. I used my hyper-beam power to fight back. Just then, the fight finished and an old man, maybe it was the captain of the boat, screeched "You have done it!" 

I looked at the man and realised it was the sorcerer from under the sea. He had brought me here to fight in this fight to save the world! "Just because you have saved us all, you can keep your powers" he said to me. 

"Well then if there is any more trouble just call my name," I replied.

And that's how my sea adventure turned me into a hero of the world.

Reading Forces goes into the noisy jungle

Saturday 7th June was my first Reading Force event. I confess that I was curious and concerned as to how it would all go. But all trepidation was instantly swept away by the wave of enthusiastic librarians. When I arrived, I found Emma and her energetic team busy in the midst of excited preparations. They were displaying bright bunting over a large party table topped with a deliciously decorated Reading Force iced cake, tempting strawberries and assorted fruits for children to savour.

Colourful carpets were being rolled out for the service families to banquet on. As soon as Reading Force representative Elaine Boorman arrived with armfuls of stickers and books too tempting for any reluctant reader to resist, we were ready for the off and the event started.

There was a tremendous family atmosphere that proudly celebrated the love of books and sharing these stories with children and their service parents. For such little ones to sit and listen intently to my Noisy Jungle tale and watch them wildly colour in their character masks and join in the jungle tale was inspiring.

IMG_0015 (2)

However, the lucky children went on to hear another special story told by a dad in uniform who had brought two of his own toddlers, yet still made the time and space to read to everyone. That reading was the icing on the Reading Force cake which, I hasten to add was polished off well before the end of the event. Organized chaos was the order of the day and it was tremendous fun.

Reading Force is a new discovery to me in how books of all kinds are connecting families separated by distance, duty and daily routine. To see families bond and engage through a love of reading was such a joy. The experience was invaluable and this inspirational event was due to the dedication and commitment of Reading Force in providing the perfect platform for all families to unite through story.

Special thanks to my publisher - Little Tiger Press for generously providing a selection of my books for eager little hands to carry off and thanks to Marianne Pateman for designing such fantastic, fun animal masks to accompany the Noisy Jungle tale.