Come and see me at the Edinburgh festival!

That's right, I'm off to Edinburgh and as I prepare to venture to the Festival, I will be packing some of my favourite stuff. Aside from chocolate and tea bags, I will be bringing CC.  No, CC is not my husband.  CC is my ever-loyal Crocodile, David is my husband and he will be travelling with us too, if we can fit him in the suitcase.

CC has been into many schools with me, he’s travelled to festivals and flown as far as Jersey and even Copenhagen in his support of my stories. CC has been snatched by little hands, bitten by tiny teeth, kicked and battered, kissed and cuddled, sung to, danced with and even offered smelly bits of banana over lunch and CC still seems to come out all in one piece, bright and breezy and ready for the next event, unlike me.

The last thing I will be packing will be my camera, so look out for oodles of Crocodile snaps – ouch!

There’ll be lots to get your teeth into on my next blog - so come back soon!