A true tale about Dangerous Creatures and an upcoming competition!

The competition mentioned below has now finished. Well, for all you local readers there is a competition coming out in the Journal Newspaper. It will be published on the 17th September and the first correct answer out of the bag wins signed copies of Here Comes the Crocodile and Click Clack Crocodile's Back! Question is – What is the most dangerous creature known to man?

Now, I have placed a list of the top seven, so it’s a matter of finding the critter right at the top of the list. Naughty brothers/sisters or rotten teachers do not count, nor spiders, as ugly or scary as they are.

Now I remember a scary experience I had with one of the creatures on my list: the adder.

When my second daughter Emily was a bright-eyed new baby, we took her for a walk.

She was tiny, rolled up in a little papoose and she slept like an angel as we wandered through the woods in Northumberland.

It was warm and sunny and after a while we decided to rest up. So I took off the papoose with baby Emily snoozing merrily away and placed it on the ground.

I stood thinking about how lovely the views were.

But David, my husband, wasn’t looking at the views. David was silently looking down at an adder curled up on a stone, only inches from where Emily slept.

David said nothing to me, but within a second, he’d snapped up the papoose and pointed at the adder.

Heart stopping moment!

It camouflaged so well into the rock, I could barely see it.

Thankfully, the adder must have had a busy day too as it had remained asleep, curled up in the sun and uninterested in the saga that had just taken place.

So, are snakes the most dangerous creatures known to man, or is it one of the other beasts on my list? If you're from the South West of England, look out for this competition in your local papers for your chance to win!