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Ruby’s Baby Brother

Illustrator: Miriam Latimer

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Ruby’s mom is having a baby, but Ruby is not very happy about it. She knows that babies are smelly and noisy, and she is sure that he will steal all of her toys! When baby Leon comes along, will she change her mind about having a baby brother?

Ruby’s Sleepover

Ruby and Mai are camping out in the garden. As the night draws in, all sorts of scary characters head towards their tent. Luckily, Ruby has some magical objects in her rucksack, but will they be enough to keep the girls safe?

Illustrator: Latimer, Miriam

Pages: 32

Price ( Hardcover ): $16.99

Price ( Paperback ): $7.99

Publication date: May 1, 2012

ISBN ( Hardcover ): 978-1-84686-593-0

ISBN ( Paperback ): 978-1846867583

Category: Picture Books

When Will it Snow?

Ages 3 to 7 years
Illustrated by: Alison Edgson

“Winter is coming,” Mother Bear said. “We must snuggle down to sleep in our den.”

Little Bear doesn’t want to sleep! He wants to know what snow is like. His friends try to show him by making mud-balls and angels in the sand. But Little Bear knows that while he’s asleep his friends will have fun in the soft, white snow. Will they forget all about him?

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Ruby’s School Walk

Ages 4 to 7 years
Illustrated By: Miriam Latimer

Join Ruby on her way to school and see the world her mom cannot see. In an old house, she spies bats with red eyes peering out and scary witches that flit about. And these aren’t the only dangers on her path: tigers, crocodiles and mighty beasts abound! “I must be brave, I must be strong,” chants Ruby as she musters the nerve to scare them off; but will it work?

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Here Comes The Crocodile

The first snap of the Hungry Crocodile is here in this lively jungle adventure that can be bought as a book or book and CD to aid and improve reading skills and listening.

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Click Clack Crocodile’s back

He’s back again and this time Croc is hungrier than ever. With wonderful illustrations by Joelle Dreidemy this fantastically funny book brings Crocodile’s camouflage out into the open.

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The Nutty Nut Chase

POP!  A shiny, brown nut bursts up from the ground.  It looks so delicious that the two squirrels, Pecan and Hickory want to fight over it.

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