Get ready for my new books

HAPPY NEW YEAR and 2011 is going to see some fun new books coming through. A beautiful snowy story is going to come out this autumn for all readers who love soft, water-colour illustrations and books with a lovely traditional feel.

To contrast that, a bright, noisy and I mean noisy jungle tale is coming out too, with lots of squawking and roaring. It’s a great book for the very young and fun to use in nursery schools. Children can listen to all the animal noises and guess what animals they are, before the story reading. Then they can have a real competition to see who is the loudest.

Also Ruby’s School Walk is being followed up with an exciting and fabulously illustrated adventure by Miriam Lattimer. There will be fantastic creatures abounding and fun activities to match, so look out for Ruby number two, coming out soon. For older readers, I’ve just finished a dark tale that will go directly into schools called, JACOB THE BEAST HUNTER.

If you like mystery and adventure then this one’s for you. I’ll be reading this latest tale to years 5 & 6 in my upcoming school events. I’ll be visiting schools this spring, so I’m busy printing out my character masks and getting ready for the events.

Reading my stories to children in person is one of the best things about writing for children. But I make sure I keep my readers busy too with lots of art work linked to the tales.

Finally, I’ve been keeping busy by getting local residents to sign a petition to keep our libraries open. We have 34 public libraries in our area and the County Council want to close 20.

Well, what does that say about our County Councillors? Yes, that’s right; they obviously can’t be bothered to read good books. But lots of us love reading and we’ll fight these closures every step of the way.

Look out for all the activities I’ve added to my website. You can download these to match my books and have hours of fun.

Happy reading,