Books here, books there, books flying everywhere

Hi everyone, so I guess you know that it’s World Book Day (WBD) on March 4th.  So following WBD, I’ll be trotting along to Yatton, near Bristol and we’re going to mask up and play act in celebration of books worldwide.  What a great way to spend a Saturday. Then I’ll be scooting up to London to pay a special visit to Norwood Green Infant School. Nearly 300 pupils will be there, so it’s going to be pretty manic. Can you imagine 300 elephants, zebras, flamingos and monkeys going wild in the classroom? Uh! Just as well CC the crocodile is coming with me to keep a hungry eye on things.

Lots of pics on their way.

And here’s a thought. Why don’t you write your own book for World Book Day? The book can be 2 pages long or 200. So to get the old imagination flowing, I’m going to put down a few suggestions. You can pick the words up, play with them and use them in any order you want, or not, perhaps they might just spark off your own characters and exciting tales. So go for it and on world book day, share your special story with your friends.

Here’re some words to get you started.

Characters Lost Book. (Will it find its way back to its owner? What does it hide inside? Does it have a secret?)

Poppy’s Pond. Poppy and her friends build a garden pond. After it’s finished, they decide to go out the next morning and buy some fish to put into it. But what does Poppy discover has moved into her pond overnight?

Bothersome Boris.

Betty has discovered that although her little brother looks like an angel with big blue eyes and wild curly hair, he behaves like a demon. What does Boris do to drive Betty up the wall? Do you have a brother or sister that bothers you? What do they do? And how do you deal with it? Maybe you can write about Betty?

Settings A door in the wall.

There is a door in old Mrs Haggarty’s garden wall. It should lead to her back garden, but if you open it and step through, will it take you somewhere else. What will you see? Who will you meet?

You’ve found a sandcastle that never washes away with the tide out into the sea. Who lives there?

So get writing, World Book Day is here!

Good luck.