Best wishes to Tapora School in New Zealand

I had a lovely email from Jenny at Tapora School, New Zealand, which arrived just before the terrible earthquake. I just wanted to say that I hope that all is well at Tapora. You have been in my thoughts a lot since the news arrived. Jenny's email included the end of a story by Eleanor in Room 3 at Tapora School. Looks like Crocodile is a changed reptile and knows just what to do to save his friends!

Well done Eleanor, Click Clack, Crocodile’s Back will be winging its way to you for your class.

This is Eleanor's story. She is seven. 

The crocodile noticed the tiger and jumped right in front of his friends to save them. The tiger leapt with fright. “Don’t take a lick,” said the crocodile. “We’re all made of candyfloss, chocolate, rock and slime." The tiger put on a disgusted face. “Ugh!” he said, and ran off. The next day they celebrated all day. Go, Crocodile!