Answering questions from Bishops Lydeard School

Thank you, Bishops Lydeard School, for these questions. Some children have asked the same questions lots of times so I’ve tried to answer everyone. Sadly, not all the question sheets had your names on so I hope you recognise the questions you asked and I must say, it was wonderful to get such an enthusiastic response. Thank you all for a super day. Kathryn.

Elley: Where do you sell your books?

My books are sold on Amazon, in Waterstones and in other outlets, such as supermarkets like Sainsbury’s.

Melissa: Do you write with anyone else?

That’s a great question, Melissa. No I write on my own but it takes a lot of people to help complete a book, so an editor corrects my errors and illustrators produce the beautiful pictures.

Lilly: How do you get your ideas?

My ideas come from lots of different places. Some come from international news stories, others from listening to people exchange experiences and sometimes I get ideas from watching animals like squirrels race up trees or ducks flap and play on a pond.

Oliver B: What pen do you use?

I do have a favourite pen that I keep in my bag but if I get an idea sometimes I’ll just jot it down with a pencil or felt tip pen on anything that’s handy.

Tirion: How do you write your books?

I usually jot ideas down with a pen then I type them up onto my computer. Sometimes I’ll just write an outline by chapter headings; that’s a good way for me to plan a book. Often as the story develops I change the chapters on the way but it’s handy to have a map for my story.

Anthony: How do you write books in the book corner?

It’s lovely to know that you have some of my books in your book corner, Anthony. I just get an idea then make sure I put it onto paper before I lose it. Then I take my time - look at my writing again and again to make sure I correct all my mistakes before sending it away. It’s exciting to write and let the story guide me along.

Isabella: Why can you write books?

I think anyone can write a story; everyone has a story to tell. But reading helps too. You learn a lot by reading all sorts of stories by different writers – even non-fiction.

Samia: Why do you write books?

I love writing books because I have lots of stories that I want to share.

Sophie: Why do you write lots of animal books?

I think animals are great to write about. They have lots of character, they can be funny, scary and very, very brave.

Lola: Why do you write books?

I have lots I want to talk about and I think it’s great to imagine new worlds, unusual characters and fantastic happenings.

Why do you like crocodiles?

It’s a strange thing, but they keep sneaking into my stories and I have to say, I have no idea why! I love writing animal stories and jungle tales, and crocodiles are so sly.a

When did you start writing?

I started writing over ten years ago and can’t seem to stop now. I’ve got another picture book due out next year and an exciting story coming out in 2015 too, so look out for them in your local library.

When do you do your writing?

I’m not a 9 to 5 writer, sitting down in the morning and working regularly at my desk. Instead, I grab patches of quiet and sit and write, sometimes in the evening and other times so early in the morning the birds have not even stirred in their nests.