A wonderful trip to Norwood Green school

Earlier this year I did a school visit at Norwood Green where I spent the day reading from my books and having all kinds of fun and games with the pupils there. And though I had lots of fun myself, it's always nice to hear that the children have enjoyed themselves too!

Here's what one of them wrote after my visit:

"The author Kathryn White visited our school and read us the story 'Click, Clack, Crocodiles back'. She used puppets and we made masks to retell the story in class. Kathryn white signed my book and now I can read it at home with my family."

And Tracy Riddell, one of the teachers at Norwood Green, was kind enough to say:

"As part of our exciting writing week we organised for the author Kathryn White to visit our school. Through the use of puppets and mask making Kathryn inspired our children to write their own stories. The children and staff enthusiastically joined in with the retelling of the story and loved asking Kathryn questions about her books."

I love doing school events as it gives me a chance to help children learn and for me to see how they react to my books. If you're interested in me coming to your school, be sure to check out my Schools page.