A day with the animals and upcoming events

It has been a dreary, wet and windy month but I was cheered up yesterday by visiting my friend’s new pets. The gorgeous little black and white Shetland is called Spirit. Isn’t he adorable? Spirit shares a luscious pasture with Dakota and Blake. They’re often visited by Tinker the cat. He wanders in from a village a few miles away and loves to torment Emma, she’s the beast with the horns. I felt extremely brave being photographed with Emma because if she wanted to, she could flick me with her strong head and mighty horns up into space. But instead she chose to munch on the fresh hay and try to ignore me.

All of these animals had such character and great personalities and being with them reminded me of how I love writing about animals. They’re great fun, playful with each other and have their own stories to tell. I watched Tinker wander under the hooves of one of the bigger horses and the stallion bolted and chased the little cat. But Tinker loved tormenting him, because there’s a lot to be said for being so small and Tinker whizzed under the fence, tail in the air and looked back with a big superior cat grin and meowed ‘can’t catch me’. Emma just loved looking fierce, but she was a big softy really.

Enjoy the pics and remember that February 4th is National Libraries Day so get down to your local library and hunt out some fun animal stories to read. I’ll be popping into Bath main library to read Click Clack, Crocodile’s Back and the kids will be colouring some great pictures and masks. Hope to see you there at 11 on Saturday morning.

But before National libraries day, I’m looking forward to visiting Wyvern School in Leicester. We have exciting writing and reading events planned for the day and I can’t wait to meet everyone. I’ll also be taking my case of writing tricks to Downsend School in Surrey in February. Ruby my latest character will be coming with me and I can’t wait to see the artwork the children are going to produce after our story reading.

But before then, it’ll be Marnel School in Basingstoke. We’ve got lots of bookish, fun things planned and I’m preparing a powerpoint presentation all about my books, characters and what’s in store for the future. Can’t wait. Finally, Elmhurst is going to have their book day on March 1st and everyone is going as Where’s Wally, I wonder, if I turn up in my Wally outfit will they ever find me?

More news to come and pictures too so drop in again, anytime.

Happy reading,